Jan Štolba Quartet

Jan Štolba – tenor saxophone
Vladimír Strnad - piano
Jan Greifoner – double bass
Jan Linhart – drums

Jan Štolba Quartet plays original contemporary, not-so-usual jazz compositions, written by the leader and ranging from dexterous post-bop to meditative ballads to „mitteleuropean“ latin nostalgia. Not to mention dodecaphonic funk or somnolent afro-swing… Bohemian gloom echoed by a distant African drum.

Debut CD Time After Time Jan Štolba Quartet recorded in 2002. New album Keep On Walking, consisting only from original repertoir, was released in 2008 by Arta. The Quartet performed at Jazz Meeting Berlin (2005) a in 2008 completed national tour Jazz do regionů.

Members of the Quartet appear also with other well known jazz ensembles (Jan Linhart: Noční optika, Vít Švec trio; Jan Greifoner: J. J. Jazzmen, Petra Vlková, Radka Fišarová; Vladimír Strnad: Elena Suchánková, Petra Vlková, Radka Fišarová, classical and film music). Besides being fine soloists, some of them are also professional lecturers (Jan Linhart, Jaroslav Ježek Jazz Conservatory, Prague). With various units they toured the world from USA to Mexiko to Seychelles to Japan to Mauritania.

See also: www.myspace.com/janstolba


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